Who is Mindy Boho?


Mindy Boho is a Canadian company, based in the beautiful Eastern Township of southern Québec. We create / import jewellery and soon other fashion accessories to add colour, style and fun to every day.

We believe that we all have days when we want panache and vibrant tones, and others where we feel more elegant and sophisticated. Founded by a long-time, and enthusiastic, admirer of fashion, Mindy Boho believes in the importance of self-expression and of exploring all the facets that make each of us delightfully unique.

Why Mindy Boho?

The name Mindy Boho is pure motherly love: a mix of Mickael and Cindy

It also reflects my personal style which mixes chic with bohemian in varying measures. It’s about love of fashion, colour, pushing the envelope, and choosing to find beauty and fun in every day.

What to expect from Mindy Boho?

Products that are inspired by a lifestyle that embraces free spirits, gypsies and an unconventional way of living. Eccentricity is to be cherished – no one ever stood out in fashion looking like everyone else!

Boho-chic is all about being yourself – whether you’re just starting out and finding out who you are and what suits you or have been exploring your many fashion personalities for years. Have fun, experiment, mix it up. And accessorize!! Boho-chic is also all about the accessories that take a trendy (i.e. like everybody else is wearing) outfit into the sphere of distinctive individuality.

Mindy Boho offers you accessories to get you into the bohemian state of mind. That wonderful, freeing place where your mind hears the beat of a different drummer and your heart yearns to follow it. Colourful images circle in your head, inspiring ensembles that become truly you once you top them off with your artful blend of Mindy Boho accessories.

Products available at launch: 2 collections: The Bohemian and The One Thousand and One Nights

The Bohemian Collection: If you would rather have flowers in your hair than diamonds around your neck, this collection is for you. You have a bright outlook on life and care more about saving the world than trying to run it; say it with beads and bangles and a sunny attitude. Inspired by the best of the hippie philosophy of universal love and peace, the Bohemian collection takes a laid back stand against conformity.

The One Thousand and One Nights Collection: Discover the Mindy Boho One Thousand and One Nights collection with its unique products inspired by the immortal tales in the Arabian Nights. Think of sultry evening breezes, starlit palaces and shimmering gems. Or picture yourself in a sun-drenched bazaar filled with sparkling treasures, rich colours and sumptuous textures. Seductive and sensual, the aura of this collection adds a dash of spice to your days… and nights.

What’s unique at Mindy Boho? You are!

Mindy Boho is a firm believer in self-expression through fashion. We urge you to explore different looks and styles to suit the occasion, the weather, the locale. Pick and choose one or more items from our different collections and mix them up to fit your mood. From a few basic pieces you can create your own signature combination. Then add a piece, or swap one for another and voilà! – new day, new look.